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Meet Vicky Hartzler. Grounded in rural Missouri.

Vicky Hartzler is a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing the 4th Congressional District of the State of Missouri.

Fixing a Broken Washington means listening to your constituents and taking their ideas to Washington.

During her time in Congress, Vicky has focused on creating economic prosperity for our families, advancing the missions of Ft. Leonard Wood and Whiteman Airforce Base, and restoring the American Dream for all citizens.

Vicky is a life-long farmer, former public schoolteacher, small business owner, and public servant. Vicky and her husband, Lowell Hartzler, own a company with four farm equipment stores. It was her small business acumen that led Governor Matt Blunt, in 2005 to appoint her Chair of the Missouri Women’s Council. During her three-year term, Vicky implemented new and effective programs to help women achieve their economic goals. She was first elected to public office in November of 1994 as the State Representative from Missouri’s 124th District and served three terms in the Missouri legislature. Prior to her time in public service, Vicky taught family and consumer sciences for 11 years in the Lebanon and Belton school districts.

Vicky is a life-long Cass County resident, where today she lives with Lowell and their daughter, Tiffany, on a working farm. She is a graduate of both the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1983 and Central Missouri State University (now University of Central Missouri) in 1992, graduating summa cum laude with a B.S. in Education from MU and a M.S. in Education from UCM.

Vicky Hartzler on the issues. Fixing a Broken Washington.

Endorsed by National Right to Life and the NRA

Protecting Liberty

In declaring our independence over two centuries ago, Americans proclaimed their God-given rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Every generation of Americans since has had to defend those rights and freedoms. Now is our time.

Vicky Hartzler still believes that liberty is God-given and we must use the tools our founders provided to defend and protect what has been granted. That is why Vicky has fought all attempts by the government to limit our natural and legal rights.

Government Overreach

Vicky Hartzler agrees with Thomas Jefferson: “The best government is that which governs least.” Yet that is not what has been happening under the Obama Administration. Through his agencies, President Obama has grown government bigger and bigger reaching into our lives and jeopardizing our freedoms.

Vicky has been on the front lines fighting this overreach. As our representative in Congress, she has been a leader in fighting the federal land grab like Waters of the U.S. by co-sponsoring and passing a bill in the House to stop this intrusion. She led the charge that stopped the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s order to destroy 1,200 homes at the Lake of the Ozarks. She introduced legislation to allow flexibility in our local schools on what is served in our children’s lunches.

She will continue to fight to get government out of our lives and to start serving the people rather than trying to force people to serve the government!

Liberty must be fought for and Vicky will not quit.


Vicky helped lead the effort to stop Obama’s national energy tax that would have nearly doubled our utility bills and killed nearly 60 thousand Missouri jobs. She sponsored the bipartisan Small Business Credit Availability Act to roll back federal regulations so small businesses could find the credit they need to create new jobs.

To jump-start the economy and grow good paying, family-supporting jobs, Vicky voted to extend numerous tax cuts for middle class Americans – allowing them to keep more of what they have earned. Vicky knows allowing people to keep more of their money is the surest way to spur new investment and job growth.

 Standing Up for those Who Defend US

As a member of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee, Vicky has helped pass the National Defense Authorization Act every year. The law helps ensure the warfighter and their families have the resources they need to keep us safe. She led the effort in Congress which secured an additional 12 Boeing Super Hornet fighter jets in 2016 and is working to secure 14 additional in 2017 so those taking on ISIL have the aircraft they need.

Vicky is a passionate advocate for Whiteman Air Force Base and Fort Leonard Wood and a leader in national defense serving as Subcommittee Chairwoman on the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

Vicky is also a tireless advocate for those who have served and defended our country: our veterans. She regularly visits with veterans listening and working to get them the benefits they have earned. She also visits the Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital in Columbia as well as Veteran’s Clinics throughout the district to monitor wait times and see firsthand the care that is being given.

Hosting her Veteran’s Resource Fair, Vicky worked to connect veterans with the services they need so they can continue their education, train for jobs, or navigate the healthcare system.

 Standing Up for Life

The most important right every American has is the right to life. There is nothing more precious than life and Vicky has stood up for those who can’t speak up for themselves since Day One.

She was honored to be one of three featured speakers at the March for Life in 2014 speaking to over one million pro-life champions on the National Mall in Washington. She speaks on the House floor in support of life and was appointed to the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives to investigate the fetal baby part procurement industry.

There are better alternatives to ending an innocent life. Vicky believes in adoption and has introduced legislation to support this amazing way to form a family.

Vicky supports life with legislation, with votes, and with her voice. Her bill to fight sex trafficking, the Empowering Law Enforcement to Fight Sex Trafficking Demand Act addresses the epidemic of sex trafficking by giving law enforcement officers the resources they need to go after the criminals behind these terrible crimes.

She also supports the Childhood Cancer Survivorship, Treatment, Access, and Research Act of 2018, which is the most comprehensive childhood cancer bill ever taken up by congress. The Childhood Cancer Act would increase the NIH’s ability to research childhood cancer and it would enhance states’ ability to track childhood cancer. It would also help survivors suffering from secondary side effects from their initial fight with cancer.

Vicky also supports the Right to Try act. This empowers patients by allowing them the freedom to seek out cures for life threatening diseases. The Right to Try act would allow terminally ill patients who have exhausted all treatment options access to drugs that have passed the preliminary human-testing phase are are still being evaluated by the FDA.

 Steadfast in Supporting our 2nd Amendment Rights

Vicky’s first ‘job’ (15 cents a sparrow!) was shooting disease-plagued sparrows on her family farm when she was 9-years-old. She continues to enjoy shooting today and appreciates the valuable right we have to keep and bear arms. She has introduced and co-sponsored legislation in support of our rights and believes bans on guns only empower criminals. Vicky will continue to strongly oppose any infringements on our gun rights



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